New Music from QB! Lab work in my pjs. #330Boy

Posted by Quincy Booth on Saturday, October 10, 2015

QB aka Mr Casualty – “Flyer”

One of the most slept on Underground MC’s to ever bless the mic, QB continues to impress the world with thought provoking stylistic flows, banging beats, and reality driven music.

A true student of the game, he thoroughly crafts a vivd picture of rising up above the competition, but staying true to the Youngstown, OH streets that raised him.

“Flyer” is what Hip-Hop heads adore… Dope Beats, and Dope Rhymes.  What more could you really ask for?

And being one representative of the Mighty .400 Club, production plays a major role in crafting QB’s sound.  Not only is he a sharp MC, but also a top notch producer.

Keep your eyes and ears open for QB aka Mr Casualty.  There’s surely more hot music to come.

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